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3D printed self-portraits

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I was always perplexed by the fact that everything around us is easy to examine and observe from every angle and in different perspectives, but when it comes to ourselves, we are mostly unfamiliar with our own image. How do we look from different angles or in different lights. I think, this is one of the reasons, we usually don't like our own pictures, as we just don't know ourselves that well. 

Although today, with digital photography so accessible and easy to use, we can learn a lot more about ourselves compare to our previous generations, we still have a very constructed view of ourselves. The fascination with "selfie" is rooted in the fact, that there is a new and amazing way to see and represent ourselves easier and faster than anytime before. But pictures are still a 2 dimensional image of our 3D selves, they could be deceiving. They are not a true and honest representation of our 3D being. 

In old Greek, the wealthy would commission a sculptor to carve them out of marble as a 3D self-portrait. But the sculptor was the medium through which the elite would be represented. It could still be a glorified or beautified image of the person in hope for a better reward or compensation. We can always do the same if we have the means to pay a sculptor and have the patience to pose for him(her) for hours. But what if we could do the same in matter of minutes, with a lot less money.

Today, there are services we can use to be scanned from head to toe and then 3D printed exactly as we are in color. The 3D printed self-portraits are just fascinating. They are a wonderful medium enabling us to see ourselves more clearly and genuinely. 

Check out twinkind for more details on how it is done and how much it costs.


*all the images are from twinkind website. 


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