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3D printing is the next big thing in manufacturing. The truth is that 3D printing industry is going to change the way we live our lives everyday in a major way, may be it is still too soon for everyone to see it. BUT it is happening faster than you might think.

I believe in a few years time, every household will own a 3D printer and eventually a 3D scanner. The printer and scanner that you already own at home  is going to change to something a little bigger, and a whole lot more interesting. It can print all the 3d models that exist online for free, and the ones you will create on easy to use applications, or even the ones you spend hours or days to create. It can also scan everything you own, and everything you still don't, and print it for you. 

For the 3D printers that you can purchase today, and use at home, the resolution is not even close to what we use to print the wax models for casting our jewelry. For that, you still have to pay top price and need a very big machine. BUT if the scale is big enough, like household items' scale; your shampoo container, or that piece you lost from your vacuum cleaner, they can all be printed in colored filament on household printers.

What about faxing digital models, so you would use it as you use a fax machine today, while the person on the other end would get a printed 3d model versus the hard to read printed paper. Just imagine, it seems far fetched?

Now what if they all come in one sleek looking machine, the 3D printer, 3D scanner and 3D fax machine? Does it sound like something in the distant future? I have a surprise for you. 

it is already here, and it can be purchased for $2499 !!!

ZEUS, The World’s First ALL-IN-ONE 3D Printer, 3D Copier, 3D Fax Machine Now Available for $2,499


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