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Negar's passion for design is rooted in her family tree of designers, engineers and mathematicians. She too, is a bit of all the three. She holds degrees in Architecture, Mathematics and Environmental Design. She has spent the last ten years studying and working in design field. 

Her debut jewelry collection reflects her problem solving skills and her passion for mathematics of design. Patterns and puzzles are her muse. For her, every design challenge, regardless of the scale, from architecture to jewelry is a puzzle that is solved once the right pattern is designed. 

Her curiosity about 3D printing technology and its promise as the right tool for the next big design revolution, lead her to designing in smaller scale for efficiency. She started exploring the distinction between ornament and structure, which has been the center of debate in design circles throughout the history.

With 3D design platforms as her drawing board, she could design in 3 dimensions, not restricted to 2 dimensions of the paper. And with 3D printers translating her designs, with an unprecedented level of detail and precision to physical objects, she could see the line separating structures and ornaments blurring, allowing her to design structures that are ornamental and vice versa.

Her new jewelry collection is inspired by this exploration. 


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